Detailed voting instructions

Any ILDA Member in good standing during the voting period (Monday 29 May through Monday 12 June 2017) is eligible to vote. Voting is done by sending an email to the address at the bottom of this page. Include in the email:
  1. Your name and your ILDA Member company name (or state if you are an Individual/Hobbyist or Student Member)
  2. The names of your choices for First, Second and Third Place.



Hi, here is the vote for Jane Doe from Doe-Ray-Me Lasers Inc.:
...First Place, Summerbreeze Laser Beams
...Second Place, Tremendous Concert
...Third Place, Symphony in Coherence
Thank you!

The email will automatically be forwarded to ILDA’s Executive Director and to the chair of the Ethics Committee. The Executive Director will keep each email and will tabulate the vote. The Ethics chair will be able to confirm the results in case there are any questions.

A Member can vote for up to three entries - one entry for First Place, one entry for Second Place, and one entry for Third Place.

  • All entries must be different (for example, a single entry cannot be chosen both for First Place and also for Second Place).
  • A Member can vote for just one entry (for First Place) or for two entries (for First and Second Place) if they wish.

Entries will receive 3 points for a First Place vote, 2 points for a Second Place vote, and 1 point for a Third Place vote.

  • There is no “weighting” based on ILDA Membership categories. This is NOT like the voting for the Board of Directors and for ILDA policy issues, where Corporate Level 1 Members have four votes, Corporate Level 2 Members have three votes, Corporate Level 3 Members have two votes, and Individual/Hobbyist and Nonprofit Members have one vote. Instead, for the ILDA Awards photo voting, each Member has the same vote as every other Member. (This is to prevent larger companies from casting more votes for their own entries than smaller companies could.)

The entry with the most votes will receive First Place; the entry with second-most votes will receive Second Place, and the entry with third-most votes will receive Third Place. In the event of a tie, there will be a runoff vote, conducted similar to the main vote except only between the tied entries.

The winners will be privately notified after voting is concluded and the votes are tallied. The winners will NOT be publicly identified until the ILDA Awards Banquet, held November 8 in Bratislava.

If more than one email with votes is received from an ILDA Member, only the first email’s votes will be counted. So be sure you have chosen your final favorites before voting!

Votes are only permitted from active ILDA Members as of 12 June 2017. If you are not sure if you’re a Member, check the Membership Directory page to see if you or your company is listed.

If there is any question — for example, if you paid 2017 dues but somehow your Membership did not get updated — go ahead and vote, and describe the Membership problem on your voting email. We will look into the situation and will count any valid, active Member’s vote.

Votes are accepted from Monday, 29 May 2017 up to and including Monday, 12 June 2017. Any votes sent after 12:01 am 13 June, your local time, will not be counted.